About King’s Crown Productions

tim mcmorris

aaAbove all things, we love to create music that captures the imaginations and hearts of its listeners. We love empowering people and businesses to connect with an audience in a way that will make their project unforgettable. We are passionate and dedicated to seeing your project come to life in the exact way that you have envisioned it since it’s conception!

Choice of music is one of the most crucial (yet overlooked) components to creating a professional and unique project that will prove to be memorable. It is often said in the film industry that poorly chosen or executed music will easily ruin an “excellent film”. You can have the right script with the right actors and right locations, but using poorly executed (or written) music can completely derail the final project.

At King’s Crown Productions we are not only committed to unparalleled creativity, but to providing audio content with world class production values within various licensing arrangements to meet both small and large project needs. While there is certainly a place for big budget campaigns, we believe that those with smaller projects (and individuals who are on a tight budget) should have access to great sounding music and audio content too! Below you’ll find more information about how we help to meet the varying degree of audio demands that exists today, and who is behind our work!

Where We’ve Been Heard

Our music has been used internationally since 2009 and can be found in:

  • Television broadcasts (advertising campaigns and various programming)
  • Radio advertisements
  • Independent and major motion pictures
  • Documentaries
  • Humanitarian campaigns and appeals
  • Live and recorded fund-raising events
  • Corporate campaigns and events
  • Video games and apps
  • Countless online projects spanning across various platforms like Vimeo, YouTube and personal websites.

About Tim McMorris

Tim McMorris

Tim McMorris is co-founder of King’s Crown Productions and is an internationally recognized producer, composer, and recording artist currently living in Canada.

His work has been featured in a plethora of projects and campaigns across the globe, and his royalty free work under the management of King’s Crown Productions has been licensed over 40,000 times!

Of over 8,000 audio and music producers world-wide, Tim is currently the top selling producer on AudioJungle.net.

In 2012, Tim’s commercial single “Overwhelmed” rose to #2 on the itunes singer/songwriter charts in the USA. The rise of Overwhelmed, along with the explosion of over two millions views on the music video brought new exposure and new fans to Tim’s work.

Currently, Tim composes and produces all direct hire work for King’s Crown Productions. If you would like Tim to work on your next project, please contact us here.

Khaili Conway McMorris

Khaili Conway McMorrisKhaili Conway McMorris is co-founder and operations manager of King’s Crown Productions.

Khaili attended the Brit School For Performing Arts in London and has enjoyed success in the entertainment industry acting and modeling in both Britain & Canada. Over the years, Khaili has been cast for roles in mainstream television, theater and film.

In addition to over-seeing the daily operations of King’s Crown Productions, Khaili also performs and co-writes material with Tim for both commercial and non-commercial work.

Around the web, Khaili manages and writes for multiple blogs talking about everything from life, love and music to her passion of cooking!

More About King’s Crown Productions

King’s Crown Productions is a Canadian company located in the Niagara Region of Ontario, and was founded in 2009 by Tim & Khaili McMorris. In 2012 King’s Crown Productions was incorporated and today enjoys producing music for companies around the world on every continent.

In 2014, King’s Crown Productions began licensing music exclusively through it’s own online digital marketplace.

Beyond creating audio content for licensing purposes, King’s Crown Productions also produces, publishes and distributes the commercial music of Tim and Khaili McMorris as well as other artists. Looking to hire us? Please see the services we offer. Need high quality music as very affordable prices? Please see our royalty free music catalog .