Welcome To The New KCP Web Site!

We’re Back!

Welcome to the new King’s Crown Productions web site! As you can see, we’ve been very busy behind the scene, and we’ve moved away from our humble one page design. This is a change that we’ve been wanting to make for a very long time, and we are thrilled that the moment has now arrived! If you have any questions or feedback about the new layout, design and functionality please send us a note !

What’s New?

License Music Directly On This Site!

Probably the most exciting of all our new features is that we are now offering our own exclusive royalty free music catalog for license directly through this site! That’s right, we now have our own shopping cart and licensing system .

We will still be offering certain songs exclusively through AudioJungle as in the past too, but you will see a migration of certain songs from AudioJungle to this site as time passes. A large part of this switch has simply been because we have received many requests from customers that we just weren’t able to facilitate through our partnership with AudioJungle.

As our needs and the needs of our customers have grown, the perfect solution was to create our own system that could work in tandem with AudioJungle. Our account under the author name “Tim McMorris” still serves a great purpose with it’s large audience reach and unique customer base, and we do not anticipate it closing or slowing down.

We hope that this move is not seen as abandoning AudioJungle, but rather as “closing of the gap” that has existed without us being to make more options available directly to our customers. Simply put, by expanding our site, content and licensing options, we are making our music available to a larger customer base with varying and often unique degrees of need.

As we’re just getting started, the list of songs that we have exclusively available is relatively small, but that will change soon as our catalog of exclusive content will be ever growing.